What to expect and when?


How long do I need to take Lupura before I see results? 

Based on the average experience from customers and participants in the Lupura Trial Study, we have found that most people began to notice significant results after 90 days of consistently taking Lupura.  This is due to the amount of time it generally takes an individual to raise vitamin levels and for Lupura to build up in your system to work properly.  This allows for new healthy cells to be created which then work to both alleviate and manage your symptoms and flare-ups.  As a result, this is the timeframe we strongly suggest customers try the product before determining if it is right for them.   Taking Lupura is also preventive, meaning you should continue to take it regularly to prevent symptoms from developing not just to deal with them when they occur.  

What to expect:

While results will vary with each individual, we'd like to share some of the customer feedback we've received to help give you an idea of what customers are experiencing:


"It does take a while to kick in, I'll be honest. But so worth the wait. I started noticing a difference around month 3. I wasn’t tired anymore, I was getting my energy back. It was a huge deal to me because I was a grad student at the time and the fatigue was killing me. Around month 5 my “bad mornings” slowly started to disappear. Now, my constant 24/7 pain is slowly going away. I have more good days than bad days!"


 "At about the 60 day mark of taking the 90 day Lupura challenge, I began to feel more awake in the morning, had fewer headaches and began to attack my to-do list with some vigor. At the end of the challenge ... I left the house! I’ve been having dinner with friends and am well on the way to reclaiming my life. Thank you Lupura!"


"I chose to stop taking my Ibuprofin, steroids and anything I was on for Lupus and ONLY take the Lupura so I could see if it was working....almost 5 months later. I'm still not taking any lupus medications."


"My liver disease as of month 4 had healed and as of right now there is no evidence of it. They retested to make sure and it's gone!"


"Lupura has helped me regain my health to the degree that I function almost as well as I did before I had Lupus. I am down to 3 medications from 6!"