My name is Bianca, I am 24 years old. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2013 but my symptoms started when I was 17 shortly after my ACL Replacement Knee Surgery. As in many cases it took seeing a multitude of doctors and tests to finally get diagnosed. I have tried many medications before the diagnoses. Once diagnosed I began treatment and the long road to figure out what concoction of medications would work for me. My symptoms consists of full body chronic pain 24/7, extreme fatigue, nausea, joint pain, and bad pleurisy. The medications never seemed to help treat the lupus, instead added to the list of symptoms I felt on a daily basis called… side effects. I was finally feed up with all the medications and got off all of them except Plaquenil. My doctor assured me it was absolutely necessary to continue Plaquenil because it was “protecting my organs”. One day I was on Facebook and saw one of my Lupie friends post about Lupura. All natural supplement to treat Lupus?? SIGN ME UP! Lupura has honestly changed my life. I started taking Lupura in April 2016. It does take a while to kick in, I ll be honest. But so worth the wait. I started noticing a difference around month 3. I wasn’t tired anymore, I was getting my energy back. It was a huge deal to me because I was a grad student at the time and the fatigue was killing me. Around month 5 my “bad mornings” slowly started to disappear. Now, my constant 24/7 pain is slowly going away. I have more good days than bad days! I recently had ACL Replacement Surgery on my other knee this past September which we were all really nervous about considering how my body reacted with my first surgery. I have never felt better. The surgery went great, recovery is going smooth. Due to the surgery I had to get off of Plaquenil for three weeks to heal properly. Well, I decided to stay off of it. With my doctor’s support, the only thing treating my lupus right now is LUPURA!!! I have been going to the gym every day now, which was nearly impossible for me three months ago. I also have been making heathier eating choices by going vegan. I am doing everything I can to heal my body naturally. Lupura has been a blessing for me and I cannot believe all the changes it has had on by body. I wish everyone suffering from lupus could give it a try. Lupura is slowly changing my life and I couldn’t be happier. Some days, I honestly forget I have lupus. Before it was a constant negative reminder. Now, I am motivated to get rid of all my symptoms and allow my body to heal from the inside out with natural remedies.


My ANA and Srogrens markers are positive and will be for the rest of my life BUT everything else is negative!!! This is so so so crazy! My doctor said I could still have pain and little flare ups due to my own triggers of stress, no sleep, or not drinking enough water, etc, I just need to manage that more. But he said that I have a 95% chance of lupus not attacking vital organs or causing serious complications.
— Bianca R.
I am a 41-year-old mother of four children. I was diagnosed with Lupus 2 1/2 years ago, but have had symptoms for longer. I have spent time in hospital, very nearly died, and have had to stop working and playing music.
I’ve been on Lupura for 3 months and I’ve gone from not being able to basically roll over and get out of bed, to now being able to walk around. I can walk a mile now which is long way for me. I hadn’t been able to play my guitar for 6 months and just last weekend I was able to pick it up and I actually performed in front of an audience which was a big celebration for me. Another big improvement has been my level of pain. I’ve gone from taking 16 mg of hydromorph a day to right now I’m not on any. So the level of pain has gone down significantly. The mobility and the swelling are much better and I’m actually able to enjoy some of the foods I had cut out of my diet and I am still improving. So I’m going to continue taking Lupura for another 3 months and see how that goes and hopefully my doctor and I will be able to decide that I can start weaning off of my other medications. So I would recommend trying Lupura, it can’t hurt and you can take it along with your other medications.
— Signe K.
I have lupus and was finally diagnosed in 2000 after years of suffering from unknown maladies. For 15 years I have been looking for something that alleviates my symptoms. Among other things, I suffer from overwhelming fatigue and that has caused me to detach from friends and family. I hardly left the house to engage. I haven’t been in a supermarket since 2012 as I have everything delivered to my home. At about the 60 day mark of taking the 90 day Lupura challenge, I began to feel more awake in the morning, had fewer headaches and began to attack my to-do list with some vigor. At the end of the challenge ... I left the house! I’ve been having dinner with friends and am well on the way to reclaiming my life. Thank you Lupura
— Joey F.
I am still under the care of the Rheumatologist who suspects I have Lupus but has only diagnosed me with “undifferentiated mixed connective tissue disease”. I had bad hip and joint pain and various pains throughout my body but since being on Lupura, I can say those pains have gone down significantly.
— Claudia B.
Lupura has made a tremendous difference in my overall fatigue. I suffer from Lupus and used to sleep 12 hours a night and be still exhausted during the day have to take naps. Now I wake up feeling rested and no more naps! This has really made an impact on my life and time spent with my family. Thank you so much.
— JoAnn A.
My biggest issues were insomnia, fatigue, headaches, depression, tension & mood swings. I feel that Lupura has helped in alleviating most of these issues. My insomnia has gotten better therefore relieving the headaches, fatigue, and tension. I know I am not a 100% but I am whole lot closer then I was and I feel a lot healthier doing it with Lupura.
— Alma L.
My diagnosis is Lupus. I have Raynauds as a result. My main and biggest challenge is the overwhelming fatigue. Taking Lupura greatly increased my stamina. I work long hours. The midday dose always came at the right time and helped me complete the workday. I will definitely recommend it to my friends who have the same issues.
— Wednesday P.
Having been diagnosed with both Lupus and Hashimotos, Lupura has been a definite player in my road to recovery. I was already taking turmeric to help control my joint pain so this supplement was a great fit for me. I highly recommend it to my clients or anyone impacted by inflammation as a part of their regimen to achieve their best health.
— LaDeene H.
I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in February 2009 and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in May 2009. The past years have been difficult with many of the lupus symptoms, including joint paint, body aches, headaches, fatigue, etc. I’ve undergone different treatments, but I have to say that my experience with Lupura was that the symptoms were decreased and that made a big impact on my day to day activities. I have been able to do more of my daily activities with less pain. Lupura has also helped me sleep better as the pain and fatigue were reduced.
— Juana M.