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Free, Initial Health Consultation:

Every Lupura for Lupus customer has the option of receiving a complimentary, discovery session with their first purchase. (If you have previously purchased Lupura® with us but not received your free session you are still eligible to receive this).  The health consultation will be offered from our certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who also has Lupus.  The 30 minute consultation includes a brief health history, discussing your current symptoms, prior medical treatments, and current prescription and supplement regimen. You will learn how viewing your health as a “bigger picture”, and looking deeper into your individuality while taking Lupura®, can bring lasting changes to your health.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have.


Private, support group:

Every Lupura for Lupus customer receives free, unlimited access to our private, members only support group which is moderated by our certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who also has Lupus.  In the group, you will be able to ask questions about diet, nutritional information, symptoms, and much more! You will also have the support of fellow Lupura for Lupus customers and Lupus sufferers who can share their experiences and suggestions. 


What is a Nutritional Health Coach?

A Nutritional Health coach is your personal health advocate.  They are someone who helps you determine the why behind your symptoms, helps you to uncover the triggers behind your individual symptoms and will empower you with the knowledge and resources to overcome them.


How will having a Nutritional Health Coach benefit me?

During your initial session, you will work with the Nutritional Health Coach to determine the best program option for you. Everyone is different and no one approach works for everyone.  You will discuss how looking at different aspects of health such as diet, discovering food sensitivities, eliminating environmental triggers and getting support will help you to build your own personal arsenal of tips and tricks (your toolbox) and will help you to manage symptoms.


Why is having the right support important?

Nutritional information can be confusing and overwhelming. Gaining support from a Certified Functional Nutrition Health Coach who understands firsthand the challenges of having Lupus is paramount in feeling truly understood and supported in your health journey.


How do I sign-up?

You will receive the sign-up information any time you place a Lupura order at the bottom of your order email or you can request it here