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We are a community of Lupus survivors, supporters and practitioners and we know personally what it means to suffer from Lupus. At Lupura for Lupus we know the pain and discouragement that you experience dealing with Lupus and how difficult it is to manage symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, Lupus fog, and rashes to name a few.  We want you to know that we have made it our mission to help you reverse the devastating symptoms of Lupus and we are committed to helping you on this journey.

What We Can Offer You

Many of us suffering with Lupus are deeply frustrated. We are often misdiagnosed or are given medications that only mask our symptoms. We really don’t feel taken care of or completely understood. If you have felt this way, you now have a home here at Lupura for Lupus. Join our Lupus community and make a difference in your and others lives!

Lupus Treatment

After having personally used Lupura and having seen it's significant effects both on ourselves and with those in our community, we strongly recommend it for managing Lupus symptoms. Lupura is designed to help your body naturally manage flare ups by regulating inflammation through effectively blocking the kv1.3 channel production. At Lupura for Lupus, we offer free individualized support for every customer both from our team and other Lupus sufferers who are taking Lupura to combat their Lupus. 




How do you know if you have  Lupus?

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How to change your future with  Lupus. 

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What kind of results can I expect with Lupura and when?

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Have you tried the Lupura Tracker App?

Lupura designed this free app to allow you to easily monitor your symptoms so you can keep track of the progress of your condition.  Additionally the app allows you to set reminders to take your medications.   If you decide Lupura is right for you, this app is also a great resource to use alongside taking the supplement.



See the research and clinical studies for treating Lupus with the ingredients in Lupura Click Here.






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Quercetin: an anti-inflammatory bioflavonoid derived from many plants that is also both anti-viral and an antioxidant. In addition to inhibiting anti-inflammatory responses it also prevents tissue damage. 


Bromelain: an enzyme derived from pineapple which is shown to reduce inflammation and aid with digestion (which is strongly linked to immune function).


Vitamin C:  an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage and repairs tissue damage in addition to controlling immune function and inflammatory responses.


Resveratrol: an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound found in grapes that can selectively reduce B cells . Shown to significantly reduce inflammation and produce greater antioxidant activity when used synergistically with Curcumin. 


Curcumin: a derivative of turmeric that is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is shown to regulate the pathway of inflammatory agents and pathways activated in immune cells.  Restores the healthy function of T regulatory cells.